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12-12-2016 - FRF's Weekly Loss Prevention Tips

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Basic Tip: If not controlled/reviewed, using your stores’ capabilities and resources to ship from the store is an easy way for an employee to move unpaid-for merchandise out of your store. To combat/deter this – review any and all shipments made from stores and cross reference them to employee address files, receipts of sales made and/or known addresses to ensure no fraud has taken place.

Advanced Tip: If shipping from your store is a shared responsibility amount employee, one warning sign of possible fraud is the consistent request or action of a single associate to complete the task. To combat/deter this – ensure multiple associates share the responsibility of shipping from your store to your customers or add an approval/sign off at the end of the process before pickup is made at the store.

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10-24-2016 - FRF's Weekly Loss Prevention Tips

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Basic Tip: Coupon stacking is a way for associates to fraudulently discount merchandise that they will then purchase at well below full retail value. To help deter this – set a limit or policy on the number of coupons that the register can take (depending on the register either by item or percentage of total transaction).

Advanced Tip: To identify potential incidents of coupon stacking – you can review discounts by transactions. For example: # of Coupons greater than # will show you potential transactions where associates took more coupons than items scanned.

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7-11-2016 - FRF's Weekly Loss Prevention Tips

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Basic Tip:Make bank deposit drops daily and always have a secondary associate accompany the manager when completing the bank deposit drop.

Advanced Tip:Create and use a Bank Deposit log for tracking all deposits created and documenting when they have been dropped off at the bank or picked up by an armored car service.

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7-5-2016 - FRF's Weekly Loss Prevention Tips

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Basic Tip:Do not allow employees to complete transactions for themselves or even for family members and friends.

Advanced Tip:Ensure that all employee transactions, even those that are employee discount but purchased by employee’s family, be retained and reviewed on a consistent basis for compliance to your set of policy/procedures.

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