Basic Tip: Cash register functions like “No Sales”, “Cancels”, “Voids” and/or “Post Voids” should be only conducted by managers or approved by managers. If these transactions are able to be completed by employees, consider having a manager’s signature and/or reason for completion part of the authorization process for those transactions.

Advanced Tip: At the end of the night – all register transactions like cancels, no sales, voids and returns should be accounted for through a reconciliation process (such as store retained receipts compared to a closing day report summary). Any discrepancy should be investigated and reviewed with that “at fault” employee.

Basic Tip: Lower Displays around the the cash register which block the cashier’s view of the selling floor.

Advanced Tip: “Blind Spots” both inside and outside of your store aids in increasing crime, both shoplifting and robbery. To eliminate or reduce blind spots – try the following: For the Outside -Shrubbery, lighting to illuminate all dark areas outside of store/parking lot, CCTV/cameras or posted signs notating the use of security devices. For the inside – removal or lowering of display cases, especially by the cash register, sufficient lighting to allow the outside to see the inside, CCTV/cameras, or a safe with a drop mechanism and/or depositing large bills often.

Sunday, 04 October 2015 11:46

10-4-2015 LP Tip

Basic Tip: Common register functions that should be reviewed on a nightly basis are: Refunds, Cancels/Voids, No Sales, Paid Ins/Outs.

Advanced Tip: Refunds, Cancels/Voids, No Sales, Paid ins/outs should be reconciled to end of night paperwork nightly and ANY discrepancy should be documented and follow up should be completed with the transacting associate.