Basic Tip: Inventory prep is one of the most important steps in the inventory cycle to ensure that the physical inventory is a success. At minimum - ensure that all items have SKU tags/barcodes, items are properly placed either on the sales floor or stock room, and “Do Not Inventory” tags are used for items that do not need to be inventoried.

Advanced Tip: During inventory prep you will want to open up every box and inspect them to ensure any/all sellable merchandise is identified and placed where it can be inventoried. Come up with a sign off process (For example: date/time and name of employee) to place either in the stock room area or box to ensure ALL employees know what has and has NOT been checked prior to inventory.

Basic Tip: Inspect all trash/recycling items before they leave the store and always have more than 1 associate complete this task during the day.

Advanced Tip: Like all other chores/procedures in the store – trash is no different. Have a designated time when you expect your associates to throw out the trash/recycle. For example – collect the trash/recycle at the completion of the day before the store is closed and one of the first things completed the following morning should be throwing out the trash.

Monday, 12 October 2015 11:49

10-12-2015 LP Tip

Basic Tip: Require managers and employees to always present their belongings for inspection before leaving.

Advanced Tip: Proper personal belonging inspection should include a check in all small/confined areas, all pockets opened and bottom of the bag should be able to be viewed unobstructed. If the employee purchased anything from the business, those contents should be inspected and compared to the produced receipt.