TThe FRF is dedicated to making Florida one of the best places in the United States to do business. Much has been accomplished in working toward this goal but there is so much more to be done to ensure that Florida is both economically and politically friendly for retailing.

Retailers benefit from FRF's influence on the passage of positive legislation and, most importantly, we are there for you working to stop legislation that could negatively impact your business through taxes, regulations or fees. As long as there are threats to your business, the Florida Retail Federation will make sure the voice of the retail industry in Florida is heard loud and clear.

We can also help you reduce your cost of doing business by reducing your premiums on workers comp , provide you with money-saving credit card processing service and get you discounted shipping and freight services.

Other membership benefits include:

Advocacy - FRF is your voice in the state capitol.  Our team works year-round to protect Florida's businesses from harmful taxes and regulation.  Our mission is your mission - to make our state a great place to do business.

Intervention - FRF is in your corner.  Our members have the exclusive privilege to call on our legislative team at any time - we will work on their behalf, interviewing directly with state lawmakers and regulators to assist you. 

Political - FRF increases your influence.  Elected officials need to know how their actions affect businesses in our state.  Through FRF, you can increase your participation and influence in the political process. 

Revenue - FRF can help increase your revenue. We can help you increase revenue using our website development services, internet search optimization and our loyalty programs.

For complete details on how you can take advantage of the many benefits of membership in the Florida Retail Federation, please contact Shelby Dotson at 888.357.3824.