AAs the state recovers from Hurricane Irma, we continue to reach out to you to extend our hopes that your family, your employees and your business all remain safe, while also providing some links and information to help you.

  • Businesses should register with Florida’s Virtual Business Emergency Operations Center to receive the most recent updates regarding the storm track and resources available to businesses. Please visit www.flvbeoc.com to register.
  • Sheltering and evacuation information can be found at www.floridadisaster.org/info. This information represents the most recent information available.
  • Hotel information can be found at www.expedia.com/florida. You can also visit www.Airbnb.com/disaster for information on available lodging and also how to host.
  • For information on fuel availability, visit www.gasbuddy.com.
  • Private entities that sell emergency commodities may be permitted to re-enter following the disaster, if local law enforcement deems it to be safe. Your employees and distributors wanting to re-enter into an impacted area will need government issue ID, proof of employment, and a letter of authorization (distributors and service providers can use a bill of lading or a work order for this requirement). If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact Samantha Padgett at Samantha@frf.org.