Thursday, 12 March 2020 11:31

Senate, House Pass Legislation to Give Pharmacists Ability to Treat Flu, Strep Patients Quickly

Tallahassee, FL – Just hours after the Florida Legislature passed HB 389, which expands pharmacists’ ability to quickly diagnose and treat Florida patients with influenza and strep, along with minor, nonchronic health conditions such as ringworm and lice, the Governor signed the measure into law.

“On behalf of pharmacies that provide essential services to Florida families throughout our state, we are grateful to Governor Ron DeSantis for supporting this important bill,” said Scott Shalley, Florida Retail President & CEO. “With the ability for pharmacists to provide immediate testing and treatment for flu and strep, patients in Florida can learn their diagnosis, access treatment and find relief faster.”

HB 389 was passed earlier today by both the Florida House and the Florida Senate. It was sent immediately to the Governor, and he signed it into law. The bill goes into effect on July 1.

Last year in the United States, 42 million people were sick with the flu in the, and more than 61,000 of those died. Making sure all Florida residents have access to flu testing and treatment quickly is critical to save lives.

Currently, 17 other states already allow pharmacists to test and treat for the flu. The House bill requires pharmacists to have a collaborative practice agreement with a licensed physician and undergo additional training to be able to diagnose and treat the medical conditions listed.

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