Beauty Industry Council

The Beauty Industry Council (BIC) is the leader in advocating for legislation and rules that protect and promote Florida’s cosmetology students, licensed professionals, and salon owners.

BIC serves its members by promoting the interests of cosmetology professionals, addressing critical policies, and educating government officials. The council identifies issues and takes proactive measures to ensure its members are well represented.

We are committed to maintaining high standards of education and training for licensure and protecting members from negative impacts of deregulation.

Member Benefits

  • BIC’s government relations team will engage public officials on issues that impact your business and livelihood.
  • We work alongside members of the Florida Legislature, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and the Florida Department of Health to analyze legislation, participate in rulemaking, or influence other cosmetology-related proposals.
  • Members receive access to discounts on a variety of business resources, including workers’ compensation, insurance, credit card processing, and shipping services.
  • Members receive updated U.S. Department of Labor workplace posters in English or Spanish.
  • BIC actively monitors and updates members on the actions of the Florida Legislature and both the Board of Cosmetology and Barbers’ Board.
  • Members receive the latest industry news and timely updates on sensitive matters concerning the industry.
  • During a crisis declared states of emergency, FRF is a key resource for emergency operations in Florida.
  • FRF members receive real-time updates on closures, emergency declarations, waivers, curfews, emergency rules, health regulations/protocols and more.
  • FRF staff works directly with Florida’s Division of Emergency Management to help prepare members leading up to natural disasters, throughout the crisis and through re-entry and recovery.