Pharmacy Council

FRF has long served as the leading advocate for chain pharmacy’s operating in the State of Florida. The FRF Pharmacy Council is a division of the Florida Retail Federation and is comprised of the most prominent names in retail pharmacy.

Pharmacy Council members play an active role in developing legislative and regulatory priorities. By providing a platform for industry collaboration and coordination, the FRF Pharmacy Council has led the way in successfully advancing legislation that enhances the role of the pharmacy in providing access to safe, affordable health care.

Member Benefits

  • The FRF Team, working at the direction of the Pharmacy Council, works directly with the Florida Legislature, state leaders, and regulatory agencies to promote and protect the pharmacy industry. 
  • FRF is widely recognized as the leading statewide advocate for the retail pharmacy industry. Our internal team of professionals is complemented by consultants with specialized experience and expertise relating to the retail pharmacy industry.
  • FRF collaborates with the Florida Medical Association (FMA) to offer mandated bi-annual education relating to pharmacist administration of vaccines.
  • The FRF Team monitors and reports on the activities of the State Board of Pharmacy. When determined necessary by the Pharmacy Council, FRF provides input on proposed rules and may actively engage in the administrative rules process. 
  • FRF provides input to the Executive Office of the Governor regarding candidates for the Board of Pharmacy and supports those best qualified to protect the pharmacy industry.
  • The FRF Team serves as a key resource for emergency operations in Florida.
  • FRF works collaboratively with officials at the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) and is embedded in the state emergency operations center during states of emergency to help pharmacies prepare for, respond to and recover from times of crisis. 
  • Pharmacy Council members receive real-time updates on closures, emergency declarations, waivers, curfew and other matters that may disrupt services.
  • FRF also assists with return to operations and the coordination of mobile pharmacies as may be needed.