Corporate Retailers

For over 85 years FRF has served as the only statewide organization dedicated solely to the protection, advancement and support of Florida’s retail industry. During this time the organization has grown to be one of the most respected trade associations in the State of Florida.

FRF is comprised of over 1,500 retailers representing all facets of the retail industry. While product lines, service methods and clienteles may differ, our members all share an interest in ensuring that Florida’s retail industry continues to thrive. FRF provides the platform that allows us to speak with the strength of a unified voice.

Our team includes a full professional staff of legal and legislative professionals all of which have extensive experience in navigating Florida politics. Additionally, FRF maintains contracts with prominent government and communications consultants that provide support in various specialty areas of interest. Located in Tallahassee, Florida’s Capital City, FRF’s landmark office is located directly across the street from the State Capitol building allowing for easy access to state lawmakers and other decision makers.

Member Benefits

  • Lobbying the State Legislature is at the foundation of all that we do. 
  • The FRF team of professionals has over 100 years of combined experience in lobbying the State Legislature, the Executive Branch and local governments.
  • Our team has specialized expertise in all areas of retail operations including, taxation, organized retail crime, health and safety, trade, supply chain and more.
  • When necessary, FRF engages external counsel, contract lobbyists and/or communications professionals to strengthen our efforts.
  • Corporate members are encouraged to participate directly in the process of setting legislative priorities and are provided with regular, timely updates throughout the year.
  • All members are invited to join the FRF Team for the annual “Retail Days” held during the legislative. This event provides members with access to state leaders and facilitates coordinated meetings on key legislative issues.
  • All members are invited to participate in FRF policy meetings and events. We encourage our members to each play a role in the development of our legislative priorities. 
  • FRF members are provided complimentary subscriptions to OrdinanceWatch- the leading technology in providing advance note on pending local government actions. 
  • FRF sends regular member communications with timely conveyance of breaking news of interest. 
  • During a crisis declared states of emergency, FRF is a key resource for emergency operations in Florida.
  • FRF members receive real-time updates on closures, emergency declarations, waivers, curfews, emergency rules, health regulations/protocols and more.
  • FRF staff works directly with Florida’s Division of Emergency Management to help prepare members leading up to natural disasters, throughout the crisis and through re-entry and recovery.