Mainstreet Retailers

For over 85 years the Florida Retail Federation has been fighting to protect, promote and support Florida’s independent retailers.

From business solutions to advocacy and beyond, FRF has an experienced team that is dedicated to helping retailers succeed. FRF represents over 2,000 Mainstreet retailers throughout the state. While each business is unique, all of our members have shared interests relating to Florida’s retail industry and business environment.

Our team is comprised of legal and government affairs professionals that understand the complexities of operating your business. Additionally, our FRF Services team works daily to identify business solutions to help you reduce expenses.

Membership provides access, representation, and platform for all Florida retailers to provide a strong, unified voice as we work collectively to thrive as an industry.

Member Benefits

  • FRF’s Government Relations team works tirelessly with the Florida Legislature to support legislation that helps promote Florida’s retailers and fights to protect retailers from proposals that may unfairly or adversely impact the industry. 
  • We work closely with all State Agencies and actively engage in the regulatory process to protect your business. From taxation issues to store operations and beyond, we are on the front lines with your best interests in mind.
  • Utilizing our proprietary Ordinance Watch program, we monitor local government ordinances and engage as appropriate – up to, and including, legal intervention – to protect Florida’s retailers.
  • With an internal team focused on Mainstreet, we issue regular newsletters and alerts communicating timely industry updates. 
  • Through our subsidiary, FRF Services, we provide a wide range of insurance and business services that are customized to provide valuable, cost-saving services to Florida’s Mainstreet retailers. 
  • Available only to our members, FRF Services provides industry leading workers compensation coverage, merchant processing services, health insurance solutions and more.
  • FRF Services is led by a team of in-house professionals with extensive experience in providing business solutions and support to our Mainstreet retailers.
  • During a crisis, FRF is a key resource for emergency operations in Florida.
  • FRF members receive real-time updates on closures, emergency rules, price gouging, health regulations and more.
  • We work with Florida’s Department of Emergency Management to prepare members leading up to natural disasters, throughout the crisis and through re-entry and recovery.